Want to Spice Up Your Garage? Try Marble Metallic Epoxy Floors!

Are you an ambitious Worcester homeowner looking for a way to spruce up your property? Look no further than our services at GNU Garage! Our marble metallic epoxy floors are the perfect solution to give your garage and extra flair that will turn it from drab to fab, without sacrificing strength.

Homeowners across the nation are waking up to epoxy as a flooring solution, especially for their garages. Most people know flake epoxy floors as the new gold standard for garage flooring - but why not add some spice to your life? And with our commitment to quality, we'll ensure your garage is both beautiful and durable for years down the road. Keep reading for our full guide on how you can make sure your new epoxy resin garage floor stands out from the rest!

Marble Metallic Epoxy Floors – An Introduction

Welcome to the world of epoxy resin floors! Epoxy resin has quickly become a favorite for floors of any kind. At GNU Garage, we specialize in epoxy floors for garages in Worcester and the surrounding areas to get you an attractive, low-maintenance finish. So what exactly is marble metallic epoxy, and how does it benefit you?

It all starts with surface preparation - from grinding, to cleaning, we want to build your floors on the perfect foundation. Then, we use only the highest quality epoxy resins to guarantee durability in your garage for years to come. During our installation, we'll use a combination of polymers and pigments, which create a marble-like finish when all is said and done.

The result is a gorgeous design overflowing with a perfect glossy marble finish that won't fade over time. In addition to adding beauty to any space, the epoxy base gives you the highest protection against chemical spills and other wear. We build floors you can trust for years and years to come, better than any paint, concrete or wood alternatives. For strength and style both, marble metallic epoxy garage floors can't be beat!

Make sure to contact our technicians here at GNU Garage today to learn more about the many benefits of epoxy resin on your garage floors!

Quick Floors, Guaranteed Results with GNU Garage

With the epoxy floor installation process from GNU Garage, homeowners can trust in their epoxy garage floor experts in Worcester and Massachusetts. As epoxy contractors, our team of professionals brings years of experience to any Worcester flooring project. We've seen every type of floor, and we've committed ourselves to quality and satisfaction every step of the way.

Worcester's homeowners that need a professional epoxy contractor to work on their garage floors don't have to look further than GNU Garage!

How to Maintain Your Epoxy Resin Floors

Installing a marble metallic epoxy flooring in your garage is simple and low-maintenance. If you've had experience with epoxy floors in the past, it really is no different. Epoxy resin floors don't need frequent maintenance, so you can stay confident that your new floor will stay in good condition.

If you need to get a deeper clean than a simple sweep, we recommend that you use just a mild soap or cleanser to remove any dirt or debris from the surface of your new marble metallic epoxy floor. On the off chance that you do notice more significant damage creeping up on your floors, call us to apply a new sealer, or, in the worst case scenario, reinstall your floors. More thorough maintenance, such as waxing, should be done at least once per year if you really want your floors to shine. By taking the necessary precautions, you’ll find that maintaining your marble metallic epoxy floor is no trouble at all!

For reinstallation and significant maintenance alike, ask us about our warranty options!


GNU Garage’s professional epoxy floor contractors are out to revolutionize the look of garages across Worcester and beyond. With versatile design options and superior protection, such as marble metallic, epoxy provides homeowners with strong and beautiful flooring for any garage. Easy, quick floor installation and low-maintenance makes epoxy resin ideal for busy households, without sacrificing quality. Don't miss out on the new standard in flooring!

Our team of flooring professionals in Worcester want to bring your ideas to life and make your garage the envy of the neighborhood. Do you want a more beautiful floor today? Give us a call and take advantage of our free quote and lifetime warranty options. Let us show you how easy it can be to get the beautiful, stunning epoxy garage floor that you’ve always dreamed of.

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