Simply put, an application finish such as an epoxy surface produces a high-end seamless finish that protects and decorates your concrete surfaces. Resinous epoxy floor coverings are formulated with industrial-grade materials that provide exceptional surface strength once cured. As a bonus, epoxy finishes are still cost-effective solutions with an installation process that is straightforward.

Epoxy Maintenance

You may have some questions regarding your epoxy surfaces once the installation is complete. How do I properly maintain my epoxy surfaces without causing harm to the finished application? Are there specific cleaning solutions I should or should not be using for the surface cleaning process? What can I do to ensure long-lasting attractive surfaces while maintaining their maximum durability and overall performance? Are these even the right questions I should be asking? Am I asking too many questions, maybe?
First and foremost, there is NEVER such a thing as having a wrong question. It is wrong to have questions that you choose not to ask. Our support is continuous from the moment you meet the expert team of professionals here at GNU Garage. Our epoxy garage floor pros have extensive industry knowledge and field experience to properly guide you along the way.

GNU Garage recommends

Routine Cleaning 101: The Significance of Dust Mopping

Regular cleaning can easily be attained using a standard dust mop, also referred to as a microfiber mop. Dust mops are innovative flooring accessories that are able to work wonders on any type of surface, including epoxy. Dust mops are recommended by experts as a result of microfiber being such a durable material, therefore it lasts much longer. For the best results, it is ideal that you dust mop your epoxy surfaces gathering up any straggling dust and dirt at least once a week.
You may also rinse your epoxy surfaces by taking a bucket of water or hose to wash down your entire surface and then use a floor squeegee to absorb the residue. Every three or four months a more vigorous scrub may be required to obtain a clean epoxy floor. This is especially the case if your epoxy floor is heavily trafficked by industrial equipment, heavy machinery, and perpetual foot traffic. You’ll need to use a dust mop, as a string mop can leave streak marks and will not efficiently clean your epoxy floors.

The Best Cleaning Solution for Epoxy Floor Care

iKlean Epoxy Cleaner is a biodegradable, phosphate-free, non-abrasive, and non- flammable surface cleaning solution. iKlean is an all-purpose degreaser and cleaner, based on the dilution. iKlean can either be diluted or not diluted based on your specific project needs, whether it's job-site related or personal.
GNU Garage recommends diluting iKlean if it's being used for the purpose of cleaning epoxy surfaces. Once a cleaning solution has been selected and applied to your desired surface, you may allow the floor to air dry, or to speed up the process, a clean towel can be used to absorb the remaining liquid.

Diluted Amonia for cleaning Epoxy Surfaces

Another helpful option for cleaning your epoxy surfaces is applying one-half of a cup of ammonia to a gallon of hot water. While diluted ammonia works wonders to keep your epoxy floor clean, additional care is required to keep the professional gloss coating in the event of staining. For this combine a still nylon brush and a cleaning solution with a slightly stronger chemical formula. If you apply too much force to your cleaning procedure, there’s a chance that your epoxy floor loses its glossy appearance, so take extra precaution. This only applies only if you have epoxy surfaces with stubborn blemishes like salt film residue or rust stains.

Additional Epoxy Pro Tips

It is advised that you do not let any solution sit for a long period of time on the epoxy surface. A minute or two should be all that is needed for your surface cleaning needs. GNU Garage recommends that when you are cleaning your epoxy floor to avoid using specific types of cleaning formulas. Using citrus cleaners or vinegar will cause your epoxy floor to lose its glossy shine. Cleaning solutions formulated with regular soap-based ingredients are subject to leaving streak marks on your epoxy floor and may also increase the likelihood that your floor's surface will become slippery when wet.
This is why simple cleaning solutions such as diluted ammonia and specialty products like iKlean Epoxy Cleaner are highly recommended by GNU Garage for epoxy floor maintenance and cleaning. Some cleaning products that are available on the market have been determined as being very abrasive, increasing the potential of the harsh chemical strip- ping the surface appearance from having a beautiful glossy effect on your epoxy floor sur- faces. Fortunately, this can be avoided by simply applying hot water and using a microfiber pad. Most cleaning products recommended by experts and are necessary for adequate epoxy floor maintenance may be found at your local hardware store or can be purchased online. This helps ensure that you encounter less difficulty during the process and when searching for the proper solutions needed for achieving maintenance on epoxy floors.
Remember, your epoxy garage floors are extremely durable, but they are still not indestructible. Damage can and most likely occur at some point simply because spills and stains are inevitable! Fortunately, most stains are also not permanent and can likely be removed.

Cleaning and Maintenance Equipment

Dirt is the primary enemy of any surface and over time it can cause fine scratches and grime buildup resulting in a dingy-looking, dull surface. So it is very important to incorporate periodic surface cleaning and maintenance to ensure your everyday surroundings are safe, clean, and sanitary. Janitorial machines such as auto floor scrubbers are specialty machines constructed for the specific purpose of routine surface maintenance and cleaning.
Walk-behind auto floor scrubbers can be used on both small and large surface areas using a very soft floor pad that easily attaches to the bottom of the unit. GNU Garage recommends combine this type of maintenance machine with a 10:1 mix ratio of iKlean solution using warm water and VOILA, your surfaces are once again clean and beautiful! Please remember, DO NOT use harsh cleaning chemicals on your epoxy floors, as it can radically diminish the surface appearance and diminish its performance.


In closing, it's now safe to say that epoxy floor care is absolutely sustainable for any advocate of decorative epoxy finishes! Fortunately, regular cleaning and maintenance are not as tedious or physically laborious as one may think. Epoxy is highly resistant to dirt and dust collection, so upkeep is a breeze.

By implementing routine cleaning and regular surface maintenance your floors are sure to remain in pristine condition for many years to come!

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