The Advantages of Hiring Garage Flooring Experts in Worcester, MA

If you are someone who loves to tinker with your tools, enjoy doing DIY projects, or even love to restore your cars, then you may have thought about doing a DIY installation of epoxy flooring in your garage! You've heard it's easy, cheap and can deliver great results. And you haven't necessarily been told wrong about that.

However, DIY flooring can easily lead to uneven surfaces, bubbling, and discoloration, which can ruin the aesthetic appeal and even lead to hazards in your garage. Hiring garage flooring experts in Worcester, MA such as GNU Garage provides you with specialized knowledge, efficient installation, and exceptional long-lasting results.

What You Get When You Trust GNU Garage's Professional Flooring Contractors

  • Specialized Knowledge

Backed by years of specialization in garage flooring installation, GNU Garage's veteran contractors have the knowledge and experience to handle every garage. Epoxy flooring comes in all colors and styles – metallic, solid epoxy, and quartz epoxy systems. But for your garage, we know from our years of experience that flake epoxy is going to deliver the best results.

Professional flooring contractors near you have the knowledge your floor needs to thrive in Worcester. Our team is up on the latest industry-standard advanced techniques in preparation of concrete surfaces, which is neglected either out of ignorance or cost too often in DIY projects. From the precise assessment of moisture levels in your concrete surfaces, to proper curing and drying, we're thorough and careful because we've seen it all.

  • Efficient Installation

Installation of epoxy flooring is a daunting task for a typical DIY enthusiast. Not impossible, but certainly daunting. It’s worth mentioning that apart from the experience, these projects also require specialized equipment that is cost-prohibitive to acquire generally. Professional flooring contractors are equipped with tools that can prepare, install and finish epoxy flooring leaving an appealing finish.

Our team knows when to use heaters for curing, or diamond grinders to prepare surfaces for perfect adhesion; our installation process is both efficient and quick. A DIY installation can take several days, if not weeks, when you account for getting together all the resources you'll need.

That won't be the case with GNU Garage's professional epoxy flooring contractors. We're equipped with the best industrial strength equipment. This gives us an edge when it comes to speed and efficiency.

  • Long-Lasting Results

GNU Garage's professional epoxy flooring services in Worcester have a proven track record of providing long-lasting results. Inherently, epoxy floors are durable, but when you trust professional contractors to install them, you're guaranteed an even, smooth floor that is easy to maintain.

We could praise epoxy floors for hours, for paragraphs, but we won't. The results truly do speak for themselves. Epoxy is highly resistant to abrasions, chemicals, and impact, which is ideal for garages (especially if you love doing DIY projects in your garage!). It's no secret that DIY floors often age faster and are prone to wear and tear because of installation mistakes, like poor surface preparation. Trust an expert, you'll be rewarded a long-lasting flooring solution.

And it's not just the strength it adds, either! A high quality epoxy flooring will add value to your property, and make future garage maintenance a breeze.

  • Cost-Effective and Safe

While many homeowners may think that DIY is the affordable route, think again! DIY errors can increase costs and even have to redo the entire process. Not to mention, if you do want to do it right the first time through, you might need costly industrial-grade equipment to do it. Professional garage flooring contractors in Worcester provide affordable services since we've already made those investments. Our extensive knowledge can help you avoid costly errors that damage your garage's aesthetic appeal, or worse; safety hazards.

You get great value, especially from our team here at GNU Garage, which uses specialized resin that cures and dries much faster. This helps reduce the amount of time your project takes, which lowers cost and gets you back in your garage quicker! Many homeowners are thrilled with our services. They'll attest to the peace of mind they have that their epoxy flooring is durable, safe, and adds value to their property.


In conclusion, garage flooring experts in Worcester provide numerous benefits, like specialized knowledge, efficient installation, long-lasting results, and cost-effectiveness. GNU Garage's professional flooring contractors ensure that your garage space is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it's also safe and functional for all your needs. Should you decide to install epoxy flooring (which you should), reach out to GNU Garage and see the value a professional garage flooring contractor can bring to your property!

And it doesn't have to cost a cent to figure out if it's best for you! Give us a call, find out about our free quotes and estimates, and get protection with our lifetime warranty options. Life is stressful already, and as fun as a DIY project is, take comfort and trust in a professional flooring contractor like GNU Garage today for your epoxy garage flooring.

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